Thursday, 23 October 2014

What should I do?

Well I told you guys I'd post two times a week... So hopefully Monday and Thursday would be okay? So I don't REALLY know what you want to read. But I want to make this quite long I don't know if it'll be too long, so apologizing in advance. So I decided to do one of the categories that I want to do in each blog post, see what you readers like the best, then the majority of the time write about that. Or if I like writing these all or you don't vote at the end, I'll do a bit of each. The categories I'd choose are-
Beauty (Make-up, hair,products, tutorials)
Body (Lotions, baths/showers, perfumes, skincare)
Nails (Colours, Patterns, Tutorials) Spare time (hobbies,movies, books) Monthly faves (2 of my faves in every blog post)
Shopping (Hauls, what I have bought)
Home (Smells, items, furniture)
Photography (Nature, Places, Things)
I'll give a taster in each blog post I do of these 8 things. I'll explain a bit about each of them. Sorry but I just can't wait so I'll give you a brief introduction to each thing below so enjoyyy!
I really love doing my make-up (that sounds childish sorryyyy)But the thing is, I don't wear make up every day because I always get spots so I just wear it once or twice a week mainly on Fridays to go to the ice rink discos. I'm not the best at hairstyles- I can probably do about 10 different hairstyles which are pretty basic, but I have a lot of hair products which would be quite nice to show you what I use. I could probably give product reviews of them as well... For tutorials, as I said I'm not the best at hair, and make-up well I don't want to show my face so it probably would be a bit boring.
I love trying to take care of my body so I think this could probably work. I could incorporate healthy things into it and I guess some diy things. Also
I would also do product reviews with this and tell you some of my favourite body lotions, bath bombs, bath bubbles, shower gel, perfumes/ body mists etc and how I take care of my (facial) skin. And clothes too. So that'd probably be quite fun.
So I can do nails... But I can only do patterns with my right hand so it's always my left hand that looks really good. I could show you tutorials on how to do certain designs and I could get you guys to tell me what to do next. I could also tell you what colours and products I am using and possibly the same with brushes.
Spare Time
I guess this could include what I do like dancing, Guides, Synchronised Swimming, Ice rink discos, Reading, writing and maybe school although that'd probably be a bit boring. Maybe even friends, family and events in my life.
Monthly Faves
This would probably be my choice, but I don't know.  In all of the other categories I could warp this in for example- My favourite eyehshadow, or my favourite thing to do in my spare time. But I could do any category if I choose this.
So hauls and what I bought would be in this. I could do a review of the things I bought and I would be able to take lots of nice photos to show you. Also I could get YOUR opinions on the prouduct and tell you where, when, why I got them and prices.
This could probably be more like bedroom and how to make a preteen/ teen bedroom your own space. But I will (If I chose this) do things like what candles smell amazing, or what Christmas decorations look fab or what plants would look adorable in your house.
I love photography and live quite near a park, so that's nice. Also it's Autumn/ fall for some of you, so the leaves are beautiful!  And it'd be lovely to take photos of that. Aswell it's almost Christmas and maybe this year it'll be snowing so photos of that would be nice.

So sorry it's so long. But I might do all of them. Just tell me :-))

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