Monday, 20 October 2014

Lyrics of my Life

My name is Lola. No that's not my real name, that's my internet name - or now it is- that I'm going to use for this blog. The reason I'm using this 'fake' name is that I don't want anyone I know knowing about this blog and I want to keep myself anonymous. Lyrics Of My Life is the blog name. I will try and post twice a week... Or I WILL post twice a week, but I just want to see what you guys think about me. So I guess it's fair to you guys to say that everyone else's identity is kept private as well as my own. So you probably wonder (or maybe you don't but I'm gonna tell you anyway) why I'm making this blog in the first place. It's because I want to tell someone how I REALLY feel. None of my friends or people I know have a blog, and writing in a diary, as fun as it is, it's just too hard for me to be committed to.and I KNOW you are real people who are sitting behind your computer(or your phone, ipod, tablet,ipad, laptop) screen reading this and thinking what am I reading? Well I'll explain.(No this isn't a cheesy introduction to myself apologizing if it is for you) I live with my Mum, Dad and cat Bessy (Not her real name but still). I live in a town which is actually quite big- but not big enough to be a city- and I live in Europe (You could take a guess of where in Europe I'm from, but I speak English so that's a little giveaway). I love shops and shopping, like I'm basically OBSESSED with shops- clothes, beauty, body , stationary and basically any type of shops. Especially The Body Shop, Lush, Paperchase and Superdrug. I love Youtube. I literally spend my whole day on my phone watching loads of videos. My fave youtuber is ZOELLLLLAAAAAA!!! I like Alfie (PointlessBlog) and Joe Sugg (ThatcherJoe) School's OKAY. I mean I just started highschool and... well let's just say friendships change. I can't exactly think of my BEST friends, whereas last year I could just say them from the top of my head. I'm not popular, yet I have alot of 'friends' who I can't quite determine if they are real or not. I'm kinda the third wheel for my GROUPS of friends. Like I have Martina and Ruby (Not their real names)But they are best friends. Then Cindy and Amelia but they're basically bffs (even though I went to primary with Amelia, same with Martina and Ruby) Tam and CeCe and they are best friends, There's also Catriona, Sandra (But she's not really my friend, she's mean) Jennifer and Beth. Everyone seems to be branching out to different people, including me. But always be careful, some people aren't who you think they are. So who I am was kinda long and maybe a wee bit boring but I want to know what you REALLY think. Leave a comment below and y'know I want your HONEST opinion on what you think I should do in this blog. Thanks so much and please join this blog (or follow or be a member whatever you be on Blogger) Byee.

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